About  Lesley

Anywhere, Anytime

The wonderful thing about getting married in Australia is that you can get married at any time and anywhere ( with permission of the property owner) 


The possibilities are endless, and thats exciting! Although weddings in more traditional settings are favoured by couples, don't be afraid to think outside the box. Weddings conducted in a non traditional setting may have more meaning to you and have considerable benefits including saving you time and money.


I love helping couples to plan a bespoke ceremony in a quirky location. One of the reasons I became a celebrant was my belief that a wedding ceremony should be about the couple and not about others expectations. Did you meet over coffee, or doing laps of the pool? Walking the dog or at Yoga class? You may find inspiration in the most unusual places! Did you know you can get married on a boat or ship (within 12 nautical miles of shore) in a plane, your own back yard, A national park or beach (with a permit).

Marriage Equality
I am a strong believer in marriage equality and hope that one day I am able to offer my legal wedding services to all loving couples. Until that day comes I am proud to offer meaningful commitment ceremonies to those in our society waiting for the laws to change.
Let me help you plan for the day when you can marry the love of your life. Planning your special day can be one of the most romantic things you can do as a couple. Reminding you of the many reasons you gave your heart away. We only need one month to get the paperwork in order so why not plan for the inevitable?
Marriage is not about religion - Atheists marry
Marriiage is not about procreation - The infertile marry
Marriage is not about finance - It can weave poverty
Marriage is about love. That's it. And that is beautiful

About  Lesley

Ever since my own wedding in 1984, I have always loved weddings. The magic of endless possibilities and your entire future lays before you.

A background of professional speaking including television appearances and emceeing concerts, fashion parades and conventions has given me the skills to conduct your ceremony in a highly professional manner. I am also very focused on providing the very best quality equipment including a rechargeable 40watt P.A with blue tooth, Shure microphones where needed and a beautiful white wooden lectern.

As an independent small business owner, I pride myself on providing an immensely personal and unique experience for every client. Every ceremony is crafted just for you, if you can imagine it, I can help you achieve it.  I believe  your wedding is the most significant moment of your life (apart from becoming a parent) this is the moment when you start your own new family, whether this is as a couple or as a larger family unit with children, the opportunity to celebrate with ritual and ceremony should not be missed.

Over the past 37 years of my relationship with my husband– covering 4 years of dating, one year of engagement, 32 years of wedded bliss & 26 years of motherhood.   I have come to realize that it is the special moments in our lives that make the everyday worthwhile. Those moments that take your breath away, make your heart skip a beat and tears spring to your eyes.

I want to help you to create those moments & memories. These special events are the threads that make up the fabric of your family’s history. Celebrating significant milestones will help you create tradition and life long memories.

Having studied the ritual of ceremonies extensively including hand fasting and other time honoured traditions, I endeavour to remain true to these rituals if they are required, this will add a significant and authentic addition to your ceremony.

I live in the beautiful township of Dayboro, and although there are some wonderful locations for wedding right here, I am happy to travel whever you require. From the Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Bayside suburbs, Hinterland and everywhere in between.