A very important part of my role is to ensure that all legal requirements are met.


N.O.I.M: Once you have chosen your celebrant, a Notice of Intended Marriage needs to be completed. This form must be completed at least one month prior to the ceremony but can be completed up to 18 months before the big day. The bride and groom will need to provide proof of identification, usually an original birth certificate or passport plus another form of I.D such as a licence or over 18 card and proof of congugal status if you have been previously married such as divorce certificate or death certificate. A change of name certificate (previously deed poll) will also need to be produced if a name has been legally changed. 


Form 14: Declaration of no legal impediment to marriage: this form is filled out just prior to the ceremony, with my Wedding Bells and Whistles or Intimate Moments I help you complete this form at the rehearsal or mini rehearsal a few days before the ceremony, or just before the ceremony if you have chosen a Sweet Kis ceremony. 


Wording of ceremony: There are a few legal requirements in the wording of the ceremony that must be used. The definition of marriage (monitum) and certain wording included in the vows. These legal requirements make up a very small portion of the ceremony and I will be happy to go over these points at our first meeting. 


Wedding certificates: These are signed and witnessed directly after the spoken ceremony and are a very important part of the marriage rites. The happy couple will recieve their certificate of marriage directly after all forms and certificates have been signed and witnessed, I retain certain documents and lodge the relevant documents with B.D.M within a few days of the ceremony. 


Whats in a name? Modern brides have the choice of using their husbands surname or retaining their original surname. To use your new surname simply start using it in every day life! Changing you name in some instances such as bank accounts, drivers licence, passport etc may require you to produce your certificate of marriage. You can also apply to the department of BDM in your state for a standard marriage certificate which is a recognised identity document or even a commemorative certificate in various designs.